Strong returns grow from strong procurement

We all know – and research bears this out – that some of the best opportunities and least-exploited potential to increase profitability lie in procurement. But where to start the process of using this performance lever to maximize results? Our St.Gallen programs for training in sales provide reliable solutions and are based on an integral approach. The path to success in sales depends on many factors, but one thing is certain: knowledge is and remains the strongest factor, and St.Gallen is an invigorating source of appealing expertise.

Program Director

Konrad Bänziger

Konrad Bänziger has worked as a procurement expert for over 20 years and has many years’ experience as an entrepreneur, managing director and board member. As a lecturer, he specializes in sales, logistics, supply chain management, cost reduction and organization.

As Program Director of Procurement, he develops training sessions that not only enhance the development of personal sales competence but also promote the transformation of a business to a state-of-the-art sales organization.

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Purchasing leads to profit but on one condition: that procurement does not descend into a mere question of price. It is only when strategy, processes and tools come together as elements of a far-sighted plan that lasting profitability can be achieved. With that in mind, our Open Programs put you on the right track by creating a strategic combination of the core aspects of procurement. They also show you how to future-proof your purchasing leverage and provide you with tried and tested tools for highly effective procurement.

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A good deal! Our tailor-made training courses cover all aspects of successful procurement: personal competence, methodological competence and buying competence. We will teach you about the core levers and the latest practice-based insights you can use, in order to better understand the contribution your procurement makes to the added value of the company. In addition, you will learn how to design procurement more transparently, develop suppliers strategically and significantly optimize your costs. Together we will analyze the particular challenges faced by your purchasing team and design a program that exactly matches your individual requirements.

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