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Understand power and share it
How executives can advance their leadership skills by way of networked ideas, clear-cut values, personal courage and fresh energy, and by doing so implement business strategies successfully.
Today’s working environment is extremely complex, and its cycles of change are getting shorter and shorter. The ability to influence people, arouse their enthusiasm and to steer them through a complex world and times of turbulent change is called leadership. The aim is to empower people to think and act independently and in alignment with the organization’s vision and objectives. Leaders must continuously develop their own leadership qualities to meet these ever-growing challenges. People with managerial responsibility gain effectiveness and impact when they are familiar with the mechanisms of complex, living systems. Based on this knowledge, leaders can skillfully influence their environment and spheres of activity.


The package includes a 4-day inhouse training undertaken at your site for up to 12 participants.

Customized program (4 days)

CHF 15’800 | EUR 15’600

Services included
Program tailored to your requirements: fine-tuning of the program with the trainer, event preparation and follow-up.

Please contact us for further information and your individual offer.

Target group

Managers who have conscientiously worked on improving their efficacy and efficiency and want to stretch beyond. Experienced managers in top positions who carry profit responsibility for a company or organizational unit or managers who have recently been promoted to a managerial position and want to be as effective as possible from the start.


Management, control and leadership | Future-oriented management requires an ever greater degree of mastery over people and cultural processes. As a leader you need the following in order to meet these challenges: Ideas | Values | Courage | Energy
You also need the ability and modesty to be led: by the market, by specialists, by your own team. 

Ideas: Networked thinking and problem-solving | The basic principles of systematic and networked thinking. Problem-solving, creativity and thinking out of the box. Integration of ideas.

Values: Leadership and personality | Impact of own personality on working and management style, communication and team behavior. Personal and organizational core values. Value system and self-esteem. 

Energy: Perception and assessment | The personal frame of reference and its impact on perception, assessment and communication. The importance of clearly set goals for motivation and assessment. Motivating and coaching yourself and others.

Courage: Conflict resolution and risk | Changing your perspective and a fundamental philosophy of appreciation. Giving and receiving feedback. Open and authentic communication. Coping with responsibility. Constructive conflict resolution. 

Communication | The basic principles of good communication. Ways of winning others over to your own position. Managing multinational teams. 

Leading yourself | Managing yourself. Self-esteem and health. Stress and work-life balance. 

Leading teams | Efficient and constructive structuring of teamwork. The limits of teamwork. Effective structuring of team meetings. Team reviews.

Leading change | Love it, change it, or leave it … The course and predictability of change processes. Communication and management in the various phases. Essentials of change management.

Leading leaders | Good communication of objectives and strategy. Developing accountability and self-determination.

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Ein Beitrag von Dr. Martina Rummel, Beraterin, Facilitator und Coach in den Bereichen Arbeits- und Organisationspsychologie.

Autor: Dr. Martina Rummel



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