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TRANSFORM! - the new St.Gallen model

The newly developed leadership model integrates up-to-date knowledge on leadership and collaboration into a holistic system.

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Interview on St.Gallen Management Diploma

Dirk Spitthoff is graduate of the St.Gallen Management Diploma. 10 questions on his experiences.

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The artist as role model and antipole

Managers and artists. What appears to be contradictory in the first place conceals potential for connection.

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St.Gallen Knowledge and Skills


Practice-oriented, the St.Gallen way: St.Gallen’s seminars, impulse days and qualifications provide you with instant, useful options for targeted training, aligned to your practical requirements and ensuring a “return on education”.

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Flexibility, the St.Gallen way: our Corporate Programs offer you a broad spectrum of in-house training formats. These are customized to meet your corporate and personal goals. Kick-off next Monday?

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System-based, the St.Gallen way: networked thinking and action was, is and remains St.Gallen’s hallmark. Our specialist areas cover all relevant disciplines and link them within a sustainable knowledge system.

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Why St.Gallen?

«There is no doubt that today’s businesses are confronted with large, often abrupt changes. And there is no doubt that it is their culture which determines how much strength they have to master these changes.»

Thomas Breitling
Faculty Board


Because we are preparing your business for the future, giving it the creativity and adapta-bility that leads to success in our knowledge-based society — and with the consistent and systematic approach that you expect from St.Gallen.


Because we are training you in the art of keeping up with the times while staying true to yourself, using the best knowledge, the newest methods and the authenticity that makes managers genuine leaders.


Because our home town’s system-oriented management model is a mainstay of our work. Its integrative and holistic approach not only transforms businesses but also moves them forwards into the future.