Team Contact

Does your professional development path lead you to St.Gallen? Whether Open Programs or Corporate Programs, whether for individuals, teams or an entire business: advice awaits you at the Management School St.Gallen which is genuinely personal and offers individual answers to your training questions, rather than a standard response. Which knowledge and skills do you want to acquire?

We are here for you


Mac J. Rohrbach

CEO and contact for our publications «Denkpausen»


Corporate Communications

Deborah Löffler

Contact for Corporate Communication


Program Director

Stephanie Kropf 

Contact for program development, offers & consultation


Project Management

Andrea Garofano

Contact for the coordination of our Corporate Programs


Project Management

Sarah Odermatt

Contact for the coordination of our Open Programs


Faculty Board

Our Faculty Program Directors

Our Faculty Board is composed of distinguished individuals from research and business. All of its members are profoundly knowledgeable in their field and have many years’ experience. In its advisory role, the Board acts as a guarantee of top quality and ensures that our programs contain the best customized content and are highly practical.

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