An abstract word, encompassing many services.

Understanding the present. Setting goals for the future. Condensing relevant facts. Selecting the best methods and tools. Empowering and enthusing key staff. And not least, careful, precisely controlled implementation.

The SCG St.Gallen Consulting Group

System, implementation, measurability: these three promises underpin the SCG St.Gallen Consulting Group’s approach to consulting. How are we true to our word? By focusing on the pragmatic rather than the academic. And by our insistence on tangible results when we develop solutions. We will advise and accompany you on your career path with creativity, dedication and intelligently networked expertise. So that consultation has a concrete impact on your business.

S for St.Gallen

The management model developed at our home town’s university guarantees that the success of our consulting services rests on a system rather than pure chance.

C for Consulting

We take responsibility for your success by acting as your enabler and companion.

G for Group

Because the best results come from teamwork. Our success derives from networking between your and our specialists.

St.Gallen’s manifesto for good consultancy services


1. Good consulting understands the system as a whole. And not just an isolated area.

2. Good consulting is the start of a movement. And not the completion of a project.

3. Good consulting provides certainty during times of change. And not uncertainty during times of upheaval.

4. Good consulting is based on collective learning. And not on a single, ready-made solution.

5. Good consulting speaks in exact, specific terms. And avoids interchangeable platitudes.

Our approach

Consultancy for businesses that think laterally and act decisively.

System, implementation, measurability: these three promises underpin our definition of consulting. 

Consultancy for businesses that want to pay by success rates rather than by hours.

System, implementation, measurability: these three promises underpin our definition of consulting. We offer a broad palette of products and services for industry, trade, banking, insurance and public bodies.

Consultancy for businesses that prefer making to preaching about change.

We are very familiar with the realities and pressures of the business world. Therefore, we develop solutions based on extreme flexibility and empathy, that match the highest standards when it comes to quality and integrity.



Consulting SCG Fitnesswheel

Build on strengths, break down weaknesses, effect change.

But where and how exactly?
Our SCG fitness wheel provides you with a tool that is as powerful as it is practical. It helps to give you a precise measurement of the vitality of your business and increase this vitality in a targeted way.

Turning the «future wheel»

Two drive axles determine the vitality of an organization: firstly, the ability of the whole company to conduct all relevant functions efficiently and successfully, and secondly, the ability of managers to fulfill their core leadership roles effectively.

Sustainable system

The SCG wheel is highly regarded by practitioners precisely because it combines both axles — and their interplay — in a single tool. An early warning system for fitness deficits in businesses. A planning model for targeted revitalization. And a management tool for transformation projects.

SCG St.Gallen Consulting Group

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