Corporate Leadership Development Program

St.Gallen's General Management Program I English

Holistic management & leadership program
How to arm yourself for the future with up-to-date general management expertise made in St.Gallen.
The ability to lead businesses with vision requires a high level of management competence. Effective, responsible and competent management will play a vital role in the future – however it looks. Management capable of learning by recognizing its own impact and able to view its function in a larger context. In this compact, holistic general management program, you will learn about new stimuli, pioneering examples of good practice and up-to-date management expertise made in St.Gallen.

The course is condensed into 2 modules à 3 days each. If desired, the duration and order of modules, as well as thematic focus, can be customized to your company.

Special features of the approach and sustainability assurance
The special feature of our general management approach is its integrated and holistic perspective. To encourage the personalized development of individual participants, we recommend supplementing the program with individual coaching sessions on relevant topics and attending our Open Programs.

St.Gallen certification
There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and certifying as a St.Gallen General Management Expert.


German, English, French, Italian. Other languages on request.

Target group

Managers who want to learn current general management skills holistically and systematically and take a critical look at knowledge gained in practice.



Managing a business

  • Corporate Governance
  • Business management
  • The integrated St.Gallen management approach
  • Organization and company culture
  • New strategy - New business models
  • Finance management
  • Strategic control and KPIs


Management competencies

  • Leadership and personality
  • Management of values – the manager as role model
  • Courage and responsibility
  • Delegation and empowerment
  • Leading and supporting transformation
  • New leadership & digital leadership
  • Understanding yourself – managing yourself
  • Reflecting on your own role as manager




Corporate Conferences

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Corporate Seminars

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Personal Coaching

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