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Leadership development for future leaders
Four modules – one mission: Accompany you on your way to becoming an international leader.
What challenges will managers be faced with in the future, and how can these be met? In answer to these questions, we have created a groundbreaking International Leadership Program. Together we will embark on a learning journey that will support you to develop as a person as well as a future global leader. You will acquire the perspectives needed for business success in a globalized, VUCA world and develop skills and qualities that help drive the transition to a digital future. 

Get inspired and develop new insights in the sessions with topics ranging from strategic competence to leadership skills, cultural transformation and personal excellence. Benefit from extensive personal reflection, international networking and knowledge exchange. In order to make the learning contents more tangible, the learning modules contain experience-oriented elements that will enhance self- reflection and inspiration.

The program consists of 4 modules à 3-4 days (11 days in total) that foster a holistic development of international leadership competencies, individual development paths and cross-company networking. The final program design is developed in line with the development needs of the target group, which will be refined with the participants and stakeholders during the first module.

Transfer & individual learning process
The program focusses on the individual development path of each participant, supporting them to build new competencies. There is personalized program preparation as well as support between the modules such as, web sessions and peer learning. It is recommended to foster the organizational transfer by including Action Learning Projects.

St Gallen Certificates
There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and obtaining a certificate as Certified St.Gallen International Leadership Expert. 


Cost structure and assessment of needs
If you are interested in the program, please contact us. The program is recommended for groups of approx. 8 or more people. We will gladly make you a tailor-made offer for your needs.

The program may be conducted in English, German, French, Italian. Other languages upon request.



Getting Connected – Kickoff & program design
Start your journey – Module 1 builds the launchpad for your learning journey. You will get acquainted with the program itself and with ways of acting successfully within an agile and changing environment.


Thinking Global – Managing Business
Shape success – Module 2 module will challenge your thinking about strategic business management and equip you to take a more active and informed role in the company’s strategic discussions.


Leading Internationally
Expand your impact – Module 3 invites you to question the role of leaders in digital and agile businesses. You’ll start updating your leadership skills and reflect on how you can take your insights forward in your own teams and projects.


Developing Personal Excellence
Enhance your strengths – Module 4 invites you to take a close look at yourself, your strengths, your habits and working practices. We’ll support you to find your own path of being more self-aware, balanced and energized.


Leadership Development Programs: Danfoss International NextGen Program

«Wir haben für unsere interne globale Führungskräfteentwicklung einen qualifizierten Partner gesucht, der gemeinsam mit uns ein maßgeschneidertes Programm entwickelt und durchführt. Den haben wir in der MSSG gefunden. Agil und zu jeder Zeit auf unsere Wünsche und Bedürfnisse eingestellt, mit einem großen Trainernetzwerk, das alle Herausforderungen meistern konnte, ist unser NextGen-Programm ein voller Erfolg geworden - für die internationalen Teilnehmer, die sich in den 18 Monaten des Programms nachhaltig weiterentwickeln konnten, und für unser Unternehmen.»

Andrea Wittmann
Director HR & HR Business Partner bei Danfoss Power Solutions



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