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Tailor-made program for tomorrow's high potentials
Lead clearly, design effectively, guide systematically: how trainee managers can systematically learn and implement the mechanisms of successful management.
What is management? This is a question which preoccupies young and future managers in particular. St.Gallen’s High Potential Program answers it in a way which is both reliable and practical. To lead a team – or lead from within a team – managers need to have an in-depth understanding of human behavior and be able to interpret and guide it successfully towards the common goal. Designing strategies, process and change requires more than vision and emotion: management is fundamentally a craft which is based on clearly defined concepts and tools that can be learnt. Participants of the High Potential Program will be taught these competencies in an integrative way.

The program delivers expertise and competencies in 4 modules over 2 to 3 days and places the emphasis on individual participants’ development plans. The duration and order of modules, as well as thematic focus, can be customized to the requirements of your company on request.

Special features of the approach and sustainability assurance
St.Gallen’s High Potential Program combines well-proven St.Gallen models with selected, future-oriented approaches, and teaches a holistic attitude to those competencies which trainee managers need in order to manage and lead effectively. All stakeholders, such as HR, participants and management, have their needs met and integrated into the program. We also recommend that the program includes knowledge of in-house tools, strategies and management guidelines. Selected transfer activities and networking programs between and after in-class modules may supplement this program. We also recommend including a mentoring program.

St.Gallen certification
There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and certifying as a St.Gallen Leadership Expert.


German, English, French, Italian. Other languages on request.

Target group

St.Gallen’s High Potential Program is tailor-made for trainee managers and specialists who may be embarking on their management career but want to seize the opportunity to acquire proven knowledge, skills and tools.



Business success
Module 1 teaches the foundations of successful business management, strategy and company organization from a holistic perspective. The way is paved for the rest of the program to follow on successfully.


Developing Personal Excellence
Module 2 actively encourages you to change your personal perspective. This gives you the opportunity to self-reflect and be stimulated, in order to get to know yourself better and to be able to use your strengths and talents in a more targeted way.


Leadership Skills
Module 3 addresses the question of what “to lead” actually signifies. You will discover what exactly ambitious managers mean by the “people success factor”, how they can deliberately connect and motivate staff to achieve maximum results.


Review and future outlook
Shaping the future: in Module 4 you will reflect on the program and focus on the future. How do I continue to develop and what contribution can I make to the success of the company?


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