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Leadership and method competencies for project managers
Expertise, proven tools and Well-proven techniques for planning, managing and leading projects successfully.​
Do you want to plan projects efficiently, coordinate them confidently and implement them smoothly? Our 3-module project management program will teach you specifically how to do this. During the course of the seminar series, you will engage intensively with the various facets of project management and project leadership. You will discover which tools and, for instance, agile methods successful project managers use and how you can apply these in a focussed way. And you will learn how to lead projects successfully and organise communication with various stakeholders, dealing with your own project team, the client and the project customers. A particular strength of this program lies in the fact that its methods are directly applicable to your own project set-up and also lend specific support during the transfer to your own practice-based projects.

The program’s success is based on the three cornerstones of project management, project communication and direct practical application, and is taught in 3 modules over 2 to 3 days. The duration and order of modules, as well as thematic focus, can be customized to the requirements of your company on request.

Special features of the approach and sustainability assurance
This program is based on the international standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) or the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Participants will work specifically on their own projects during and between modules. This means that they will not be left to their own devices but will be guided through the execution of their project by experts and colleagues.

St.Gallen qualification and certification

There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and certifying as a St.Gallen Project Management Expert. The program also provides a firm basis on which participants can build up to PMP, CAPM or IPMA Level D or C certification. The program can be extended on an individual basis to include the required qualifications to prepare for the certification tests.


German, English. Further languages on request.

Target group

The program is aimed at project leaders and experienced project team members, who would like to acquire or enhance in-depth expertise in project management and project leadership.



Project Management
In module 1 you will learn the essential methods and techniques associated with successful project management and will be able to apply these to your own projects. You will then be able to plan, execute and complete your own projects successfully.


Successful project communication
In module 2, you will learn how to lead projects in local and transregional teams, with or without managerial authority. You will learn the necessary skills for project communication, leadership competence and delegation of responsibility.


Project management – practice and agile project management
Module 3 focuses on reflecting and working on your specific projects. You will also widen and refresh your knowledge and will be introduced to ways of achieving agile project management.


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