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Digital Leadership & Transformation Program I English

Leadership program for the leap into the digital era
​More agile, more connected, more authentic: how to synchronize managerial skills with the transformation in values, people and roles brought about by the digital era.
The digital revolution transforms markets, performance, processes – and the competence profile of managers. St.Gallen’s Digital Leadership Program connects and delivers those leadership qualities proven to underlie a goal-oriented, consistently reliable navigation system. This program is a refreshing contrast to many others on offer which reduce the word “digital” to mean short-lived, technical expertise. 

The Digital Leadership Program’s effectiveness is based on three cornerstones:
• Firstly, a future-oriented conception of the company as a connected and purposeful system.
• Secondly, a positive interpretation of management which is based on values and strengths, rather than instruction and control.
• Thirdly, methods and tools which smooth the way for genuine change, agility and disruptive innovation, and with which expertise gained from all modules can be transferred directly into practice.

The program is designed to be as compact as possible (4 modules over 1 to 2 days) and delivers the tools and competencies which are essential to business success in our digital age. The duration and order of modules, as well as thematic focus, can be customized to the requirements of your company on request.

Special features of the approach and sustainability assurance
The program will enable you to take a threefold leap into the digital era. A contemporary, didactic combination of face-to-face modules and stimuli from inspiring businesses and innovators will bring the program content to life and support its practical application. Experimentation, implementation, learning and self-reflection are key features of this approach. You will have the chance to visit start-ups: the selection will be made in consultation with you and will be industry-specific. Equally, you will be able to choose training locations with a creative learning environment.

St.Gallen certification
There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and certifying as a St.Gallen Digital Leadership Expert.


German, English, French, Italian. Other languages on request.

Target group

Experienced and aspiring managers who have recognized that the digital revolution requires an evolution in approaches to management.



Digital Business Transformation
Challenging the present in a radical way in order to transform it into a viable future: these days, if you are responsible for a business, you also need to help design transformation processes. More than ever before, the real skill of leadership lies in the ability to transform businesses – against all odds. The first module presents and teaches participants the necessary techniques and tools to do this.


Digital Leadership
The second module shows you how to boost your digital success story with tangible emotions, values and strengths. Paradoxical though it may sound, it is precisely the VUCA world that needs to base its approaches to leadership and collaboration on robust “soft skills”. As a leader, you need to know how to play an active role in designing these skills and setting modern-day priorities.


Agility and Innovation
The third module focuses on the themes of agility and innovation. It will enable you to understand agility and spell out its potential to promote innovation in your company. You will get to know the principles of agility and recognise the associated challenges for management and staff. You will identify how it relates not only to your company but also to your personal management role.


Learning Journey
The last module in the Digital Leadership Masterclass will take you on a journey through the start-up world, where the successful business models of the future are already in everyday practice. You will be given a glimpse behind the scenes and will look at the strategies used by selected, young businesses or innovators in transformation. There is no more effective way to internalise the workings of the new world than by having one-to-one conversations with pioneers of the digital age.


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