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Do you want to raise the bar when it comes to your employees’ strengths? Our coaches are committed to pointing your business and staff in a clear direction: one which is of maximum benefit to everybody. Whether through personal coaching, top executive sparring or knowledge transfer — we will determine the most suitable training process for you, based on your personality and competence profiles.

Personal Coaching

Development of individual strengths

Discover the power of personalized leadership mentoring

The ability to reflect on oneself and one’s management situation and change these in a targeted way is a pre-requisite for successful leadership. Our coaching sessions aim to strengthen your existing competences while extending your repertoire of management tools. The content and structure of these sessions are adapted to your individual goals and requirements.


How can we build 1:1 on your personal strengths?

Acting as a sparring partner, we can offer you, the decision-maker, personal support with demanding leadership and management tasks. We work collaboratively, respectfully and in absolute confidence. Our management coaches create a safe space with you, away from everyday business life, in which you can reflect and experiment. We develop scenarios together and work on ways to resolve your individual issues, teaching you the skills to make clear, steadfast decisions.

Top Executive Sparring

St.Gallen’s coaching process

We have a preliminary discussion in which we talk about your goals and requests and choose the most suitable coach for your requirements. The second stage involves getting to know you, virtually or face-to-face, after which you and your coach determine goals, scope, duration, strategy and procedures. During the coaching phase, you will be shown selected tools and methods and will be actively supervised and supported in their use. Maintaining constant dialogue with your coach enables you to check and reflect on the results, in order to ensure maximum personal and professional development.

Examples of coaching and sparring topics:

developing vision
 fostering communication
 focussed leadership
 confident presentation
 assured decision-making
 achieving goals
 being authentic
 reflecting on actions
 developing resilience


Which aspect of the future do you want to penetrate? A Corporate Program at the Management School St.Gallen is an important first step. Find out about the full range of topics on offer and contact us for a non-binding consultation or proposal.

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