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Do you want to transform your business event into an inspiring platform for knowledge and dialogue? We can help you put your key messages into the right format for attendees, thereby creating an intelligent link between knowledge management and relationship management.

Whether business trends or practice-based benchmarks: our network gives you access to those topics and personalities that add optimum value to your event in terms of experience and knowledge. Keynote speech, impetus conference or large-scale event with several hundred participants? The ideas are endless, and together we can make your event a success.



You decide on the range of our services you require for your business event. We can coordinate the entire event or contribute to an existing concept, as required.


Inspire your audience

Impulse events, keynotes and dramatization for

business events and symposia

Events from A to Z


Benefit from our expertise and enhance your conference with individually designed content that corresponds to your personal goals. You can choose your Impulse Events from a diverse range of topics that reflect current trends and developments. Through our network of experts, we have selected a top-class pool of excellent keynote speakers, experienced presenters and business experts. We would be delighted to find a suitable personality for your speech or podium discussion.



Integrating the overall context in which a company operates into management symposia and conferences is key to their long-term success. If desired, together we can develop a dramaturgy for your event that synchronizes perfectly with your goals and embeds core messages and findings in your company strategy and culture. We will help you to develop stories that stick in people’s minds in picture-form, and to give delegates the feeling of being part of something bigger.

The Power of Us

Innovative technologies for using combined expertise


Take advantage of KI technology: our networked technologies allow you to interact with the audience in a direct and dynamic way, regardless whether it numbers ten or 10,000 people. A group of people commands far greater expertise, finds better solutions and works more efficiently than an individual operating alone. Use the combined power of collective intelligence and networking at your company events.


By implementing intelligently networked technology, we enable you to communicate with participants in real time. Use their combined knowledge to solve problem tasks and brainstorm creatively. In addition, receive immediate and collective feedback, from quick votes to opinion polls, that serves as a basis for discussion.


Knowledge is best internalized when it is experienced at first hand. Interactive, positive group experiences consolidate acquired knowledge and lodge it in the long-term memory. Going on an interactive journey together is a playful way in which your delegates establish a shared commitment.

Ready to connect

Interactive conference formats for networking

and dialogue between attendees


New knowledge and ideas are usually born when people work together on questions relating to the future. Our interactive conference formats enable participants to disseminate knowledge themselves and simultaneously incorporate the diverse perspectives of others. Action and interaction bring topics to life, stimulate energy potential amongst participants and create new pathways to dialogue.

A selection of our conference formats:

open space conferences
round tables, panel discussions and panels of experts
presentation forums, staged in parallel
world cafe/topic cafe
fishbowl discussions
Barcamp presentations
market places and moderated work stations
visual support through graphic recording

How do you want to enrich your attendees? Together we can find the formats that suit you best and ensure their successful implementation.

Spread your message

Newsroom concepts, social media channels

and real-time reporting

Multimedia formats and social media channels

Increasingly, events prioritize the immediate dissemination of content and topics, as well as knowledge transfer. Drawing on the concept of the media newsroom, we can introduce professional, editorial communication into the world of your events. Whether ‘newsroom’, ‘interactive website’ or ‘social wall’: from conception to implementation, we generate all content and oversee all communication channels.

Real-time reporting and journalistic contributions

We deliver comprehensive, real-time media coverage, tailored to each event. We put together emotional and custom-fit content in real time from videos, livestreams, interviews, photo galleries and journalistic texts. If desired, we can support you before and during events by compiling professionally written editorials by experienced journalists.

Experiential value of multimedia and authenticity

Whether video, promotional movie or photo gallery, we can edit the pictures from your events to produce authentic, exciting stories that are real, emotional and highly memorable. This ensures that you retain long-term memories of the event.



Which aspect of the future do you want to penetrate? A Corporate Program at the Management School St.Gallen is an important first step. Find out about the full range of topics on offer and contact us for a non-binding consultation or proposal.

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