Corporate Leadership Development Program

TRANSFORM! Leadership Program I English

Successful leadership in times of change. Value based, inspiring, sustainable.
Are you ready to develop your leadership skills? The future belongs to leadership attuned to times of change.​
Change this in your company here and now, and make it a reality with St. Gallen’s TRANSFORM! Leadership Program, tailor-made for today’s leadership challenges. Based on the model of the same name, four carefully coordinated learning modules (including transfer concepts) will equip you with forward-looking leadership skills for the future. This integrated approach guarantees that all relevant management competences are thoroughly and holistically taught. The state-of-the-art learning format is based on the most up-to-date expertise and contemporary, multimedia learning methods, which guarantee optimum success. The face-to-face modules are supplemented by a comprehensive transfer concept which spans all programs, to provide the best, individual support when applying these skills to practical leadership.

Added value in the program
  • support during the transformation from leadership executive to leadership personality
  • integrated training concept with content-coordinated learning modules and transfer processes
  • applicability spans companies and hierarchies (also delivered in English for international groups)
  • up-to-date expertise and modern learning methods developed especially to meet managers’ needs in times of digital transformation
  • high degree of practical relevance and direct applicability of content to day-to-day management
  • integration of think tank sessions in face-to-face modules
  • optional: certified qualification as “St Gallen Leadership & Transformation Expert”


German, English. Further languages on request.



The TRANSFORM! Model: Overview and starting point

Introduction to the Transform! model
  • Introduction to the program: architecture, learning objectives and learning modules
  • Meaning and purpose of the leadership model: strategy – structure – culture
  • Integration of program sponsors
  • On request: integration of talent management to embed learning content in the organization (processes, instruments)

Effective leadership & self-assessment
  • Introduction to standard model of effectiveness: tasks, tools, principles and responsibility
  • Self-evaluating own effectiveness and understanding of leadership
  • The integrated management system: management audit

Self-image and public perception
  • Meaning and purpose of self-image and public perception. Presentation of instruments.


Leadership personality: Effective, authentic and balanced leadership

Leadership personality: Authentic leadership in balance
  • Definition of leadership and management
  • Living in balance – impacting others

Effective leadership: Discipline and technical skills
  • Principles, tasks and tools of effective leadership
  • Strengthening self-evaluation
  • Systematic examination of your own company

Own roots: Source of values and concept of human nature

  • Concept of human nature and humans as individuals
  • Defining your own value-system
  • Responsibility and ethics

What type of leader am I?
  • Strengthening self-image and public perception
  • Individual analysis of external reflection and self-reflection


Strategy, change and culture: Designing and embedding transformation

Vision: achieving long-term orientation
  • Corporate vision: the company’s outlook in its future setting
  • System of values, vision & business model

Strategy: corporate thinking
  • Systematic application of strategic thinking to a model
  • Strategic questions as leadership instrument

People and culture: creating changes
  • Transformation and change as a mindset
  • Balancing structure, people and culture
  • Company-specific radar – implementing a system for change
  • Thinking in cultural zones – people’s behavioral patterns in phases of change

Recognizing and managing implementation gaps
  • Delivery gap – monitoring the change process
  • Closing your own implementation gaps


Team, individual and inspiration: Diversity, individuality and creating meaning

Structure and team: diversity and individual strengths
  • What game are we playing? Knowing and developing types of team and team member
  • Teams and individuals – firefighter or gardener?

Job design: fostering and developing
  • Fostering and developing exceptional people
  • Empowering with the right job design
  • Identifying key tasks, individually and in the team
  • Leading with objectives

Inspiration: demand performance, offer meaning
  • Personal meaning in day-to-day work
  • Inspiration – more is not possible


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Personal Coaching

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