Values Facts

Our name is our mission. Management, because our services focus wholeheartedly on practical needs. School, because our key competence is the professional transfer of knowledge and skills. St.Gallen, because system-oriented management theory originates from our home town
and is a mainstay of the work we do.

Values, not just words

You can rely on this

Amongst competing education providers, the Management School St. Gallen aims to be the clearest rather than the loudest voice. We respond to an increasingly complex business world with clear values and future-proofing knowledge. The driving force behind our work has remained constant over many years: namely, an unwavering passion for effective management, and leadership that is deserving of its name.

Human, not technocratic

With us, your initial proposal is based on dialogue and personal consultation, rather than checklists and form-filling.

Customized, not standardized

We are not interested in what our competitors are doing. All that interests us is the successful development of your business.

Practicability, not theory

Theoretical study is very important to us. However, the most important thing is and remains its practical application in everyday business.

Innovation, not repetition

We don’t want change to be all talk and no action. Instead, we want to implement it as quickly and precisely as possible.

Team-workers, not all-rounders

Rather than doing everything ourselves, we want to do everything to our best ability. This is why we work collaboratively with top-class partners from research and industry.

Werte Management School St.Gallen

Success-factor System

This is what the «St.Gallen» brand stands for

Business management is an extremely complex job. St.Gallen’s management model is world-renowned and provides leaders with a unique instrument to fulfill their role competently — and resolutely resist the temptation to over-simplify.

joined-up thinking

With its system-oriented approach, St.Gallen’s management model incorporates environmental factors, reference groups and interaction systems in its company appraisal.

interlinked tiers

Rather than treating strategies, structures and cultures as independent entities, St.Gallen’s management model views them as an interlinked network.

planned change

St.Gallen’s management model responds to constant renewal and change by systematically including transformations in your business.