Transform Model

St.Gallen’s TRANSFORM! leadership model

Value-based, inspiring, lasting

The question is not whether we need to modify our understanding of leadership but rather, how we master this change. There is certainly no shortage of available consultants and checklists. Yet where is the overall picture which gives us a sense of orientation and guards against stand-alone solutions? TRANSFORM! provides business practice with exactly this - an integrated and coherent leadership model that interlinks all dimensions: thinking and feeling, values and objectives, past and future, business strategy and life concepts.

Transform Model

Training concepts

for the TRANSFORM! model

Management School St.Gallen offers two forward-thinking programs that are based on the TRANSFORM! model. The programs were scientifically developed and are founded on system-oriented management theory, St.Gallen’s management model and St.Gallen’s TRANSFORM! model. The content is aligned in terms of topic and methodology and is based on an integrated, holistic approach.

St.Gallen's Management & Leadership Summer School
Training program for individuals

The Management & Leadership Summer School is a unique training option for all managers who want to embrace new ways of leading and working. This compact, holistic program, lasting 2 x 4 days, prepares leaders for new management roles.

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St.Gallen's TRANSFORM! Leadership Program
Inhouse Leadership Development Program

St.Gallen’s TRANSFORM! Leadership Program was tailor-made to meet the challenges faced by today’s leaders. Its integrated approach guarantees that delegates are extensively and holistically trained in all management competences that relate to leadership. The state-of-the-art learning format is based on the most up-to-date expertise and contemporary, multi-media learning methods, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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on the TRANSFORM! model

Are you ready to develop your leadership skills? We are happy to provide you with our new publication on the TRANSFORM! leadership model.

The TRANSFORM! leadership model uses people’s values and roots to drive leadership

The TRANSFORM! leadership model balances ­strategy with meaning

The TRANSFORM! leadership model makes sustainability an ­obligation

PDF on «Transform!» model PDF on localization of the «Transform!» model within the St.Gallen management models