Corporate Leadership Development Program

St.Gallen's Executive Leadership Program I English

Develop leadership personality, shape transformation
How experienced managers can successfully optimize their competencies in the key disciplines of leadership and management.
Whoever takes on a management role cannot rely on experience and routine alone, but also needs to deal with new, unfamiliar – and frequently even complex, unfamiliar – situations. Your leadership behavior should be scrutinised just as closely as your underlying strengths and weaknesses. More than ever, managers need a reliable navigation system to do this. This requires,on the one hand, an integrated body of knowledge which provides security during periods of change, and, on the other hand, an efficient set of tools with which to apply this knowledge.
St.Gallen’s Executive Leadership Program provides this navigation system. The modules of the four-part program are based on St.Gallen’s management teaching principles, combined with current management approaches. The program also focusses on analyzing and developing your own leadership personality and management behavior. The skills you acquire will allow you to refine your personal and social competencies and integrate these into goal-oriented leadership strategies.

The comprehensive program delivers expertise and competencies in 4 modules over 3 days. If desired, the duration and order of modules, as well as thematic focus, can be customized to your company.

Special features of the approach and sustainability assurance
The Executive Leadership Program is a holistic qualification approach which combines wellproven St.Gallen models with selected modern up-to-date methods and approaches. It includes a high level of self-reflection of the own leadership role. We recommend that the program includes knowledge of in-house tools, strategies and management guidelines. Selected transfer activities and networking programs between and after in-class modules may supplement this program.

St.Gallen certification
There is the option of passing an exam at the end of the program and certifying as a St.Gallen Executive Leadership Expert.


German, English, French, Italian. Other languages on request.

Target group

Experienced managers who would like to optimize their leadership and management competencies holistically.



Executive Leadership
With experience behind you and an eye to the future: in the first module you will discover how to enhance your leadership personality with interlinked ideas, clear values, personal courage and new energy.


Strategy & company management
Module 2 gives you the skills to make far-sighted decisions between the conflicting priorities of market opportunities and company strengths. Strategic planning which will lead you faster and safer to future success.


Shaping transformation
Chances, challenges, change: module 3 teaches you how to manage change, using skills which are bang up-to-date. These will enable you to develop and implement reliable approaches to transformation processes.


Personality development
Module 4 shows you how to use contemporary methods to manage your complex portfolio of responsibilities more efficiently, maintain your work-life balance better and enhance your strengths.


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Personal Coaching

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