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Your individually tailored leadership program
​A selection of freely combinable program modules
Would you like to design your leadership development to be flexible and still be able to draw on Well-proven modules? St.Gallen can provide you with the solution to this requirement. Build your individually configured program using our qualification modules, which have been proven over many years and can be combined and expanded according to objective and need.

To ensure that your program is integrative and holistic, it is recommended that you include key modules based on the following three perspectives: the business and its setting; co-workers such as colleagues, managers and employees; personal development. If required, these key modules can be supplemented with additional, optional ones.

Customized reference projects
Would you like to adapt all your management development programs to suit your own ideas? Below are reference examples of individually designed management development programs. Particularly noteworthy is, for instance, the fact that they fit the competence model exactly or that participants work on specific organizational themes which are linked to the growth of the organization.

Sustainability rather than shortsightedness
We pay special attention to the transfer of newly acquired knowledge to a newly acquired capacity to act. We foster this by designing learning processes sustainably. This is why we particularly focus on the transfer process, where knowledge gained in training sessions translates into the capacity to act and thus leads to business success.

Individual support rather than one-size-fits-all
We are all unique and therefore need differing types of support in order to reach our peak potential. For this reason, we place the emphasis on individual support during competence development by, for example:

• creating individual development goals and development plans
• involving superiors and integrating agreed objectives
• offering individual coaching sessions or participation in open programs
• using work-specific personality tests, such as the Bochum Inventory of work-specific Personality Description (BIP), InsightsDiscovery©,
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Clifton StrengthsFinder (CSF)
• implementing mentoring programs


German, English, French, Italian. Other languages on request.


Examples of fundamental qualification modules/key modules

Management & strategy – taking a look at the company

Managing business – strategic management
Entrepreneurial thinking I Strategic management I The business navigation system I Developing and implementing strategy I Designing marketoriented structures I Strategic control I Vision, mission and values I The company’s own strategy process

Managing finance – financial leadership of the company
Fiscal management responsibility I Fundamentals of fiscal management I System for managing income statements I Cost management I Finance control I Balance sheet analysis I Knowing and interpreting relevant KPIs I Budget case studies and transfer to the company

Leadership excellence – taking a look at the people in the company setting

First leadership

Leadership process I Leadership styles I Leading teams I Position of management within the team I Motivation I Communication and feedback I Tasks and tools for effective leadership 

Executive leadership 
Management and leadership I Individual, authentic leadership personality I Values I Courage and responsibility I Energy I Perception and judgement I Leading teams I Managing change I Leading leaders I Delegation and empowerment I Situative leadership

Leading and inspiring – transformational leadership
Leading teams to best performance I Perceiving management roles in a differentiated way I Developing coaching competence I Implementing empowerment in a goal-oriented way I Motivating and inspiring employees I Aligning employee strengths with the common good

Leading change – shaping transformation

Basic models of change I The most important change philosophies I Individual models I Creating instability I Leading and supporting change I Communicating change processes

Personal excellence – taking a look at the individual self

Managerial effectiveness – leading yourself

Goal orientation I Understanding yourself I Managing yourself I Contributing to the whole I Focusing on results I Fulfilling managerial duties I Leading staff to success I Using the manager’s toolbox I Overcoming efficiency limits

Personal performance
Developing means of expression I Speech training I Rhetoric I Improvisation I Responsiveness I Flexibility in roles I Range of expression I Presence I Power of persona I Presentation I Handling stress during difficult negotiations I Communication




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