Managing Business | English

Understanding the challenges of developing business
Managing Business gives you the skills to make far-sighted decisions between the conflicting priorities of market opportunities and company strengths. Strategic planning which will lead you faster and safer to future success.
Management is responsible for securing the future success and thus the long-term economic viability of an organization. This is a question of strategic conceptualization. The quality of an organization’s management is indicated by long-term results and successful strategy implementation. It is not the vision itself that is critical, but its realization and implementation. This seminar follows a consistent approach: to impart knowledge, concepts and tools which are already tried and tested and can be directly put into practice.
16. to 18.10.2024 | St.Gallen
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CHF 4'800 | EUR 4'800
3 days, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Target group

This program is geared to members of senior management, executives and down the line, who are involved in strategy projects and will be increasingly responsible for questions of strategy in the future.

Participant Voices

Managing Business | English

«The training at Management School St.Gallen was top notch - they really go in the leadership rolls, how to deal with employees and how to run a business. The course was almost a one on one session and they go into how to improve your leadership role and how to improve your business. In my case how to be a better CEO and how to improve the management. I was just starting at that time and one year later it really has helped me and the company to be successful - even in this pandemic time.»

Jan Ziemerink
CEO at Foerster-Technik North America 

St.Gallen Management & Leadership Program | English

«As a leader with more than 25 years of industry experience, I know how important continuous and professional development is. I chose the Management & Leadership Program of Management School St.Gallen, because this is where the best reputation, the highest standards as well as professionalism and internationality come together.
For me, the modular structure was crucial and easy to integrate into my calendar. Great triad of People, Tools and Knowledge - Thank you!
I will continue to rely on Management School St.Gallen for my future success.»

Carsten Beier
Board member at Sievert, Managing Director at Sievert Baustoffe


With an experienced coach and a powerful group of peers you can expect to work on the following topics: 

Business management | Defining the basic direction: Vision and mission for corporations, businesses and departments. 

Top Management Perspective | The playground: Individuals, organizations, corporations, businesses and departments. 

The integrated St.Gallen management approach | The company navigation system. Levels of strategic and operative management. 

Strategy radar | Health Check: Strategy radar for corporations, businesses and departments. 

Strategy development process | Getting into action: How to define a strategy development process. 

Implementing strategy | Key features of strategy controlling and how to link strategies to annual objectives and to the annual (financial) planning cycle. 

How to deal with the future | Operative mid- and long-term planning, strategic planning, forecasts and scenarios. Dealing with the unknowable. Scenario technique. 

New target groups, new markets | Between grey surfers and digital natives. New target groups in the digital age. 

Customer orientation | From a buzz word to a more structured understanding of the concept. Customer oriented innovation, management, and cost structures.

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER | Q&A/experience exchange session web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar. 

OPTIONAL | Individual coaching on managing the own department.



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