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Develop personal potential and charisma
Personal Excellence actively encourages you to change your personal perspective on others and on yourself. This gives you the opportunity to self-reflect more deeply in order to get to know yourself better and to be able to communicate and to use your strengths and talents in a more targeted way.
How managers can critically assess, systematically influence and selectively employ their impact on staff and customers. The program is to a large extent shaped by the different forms of interaction. Personal charisma has a different impact on different groups of people. A manager does not simply have to accept how others perceive him or her – he or she can actively influence and steer these perceptions. The Personal Performance program helps them to analyze and revise well-worn behavior patterns and turns them into charismatic leaders, even in exceptional situations.
CHF 4'800 | EUR 4'700
3 Days | first Day 9am - 6pm, last Day 8.30am bis 4pm

Target group

The program is tailor-made for employees who wish to find out what impact their behavior has on other people. It is targeted at managers from all industries who aspire to top management positions or who represent their companies internally as well as externally.


With an experienced coach and a powerful group of peers you can expect to work on the following topics: 

Focus on strengths | Personality profile. Where do your true strengths lie? Which talents should you develop?  

Personal impact | Body awareness and vocal training. Presence and power of performance. Enhancing presentation skills. 

Self-leadership | Self reflection and self-awareness. Handling pressure, opposition and stress. 

Communication and conversational skills | Principles of successful communication skills. Active listening. Dealing with difficult conversations. 

Developing spontaneity | Improvisation and quick wittedness. Quick responsiveness. 

My contribution to the whole | Personal development plan. Recommended complementary activities. 

KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER | Q&A/experience exchange session web session to secure transfer process 4–6 weeks after seminar. 

OPTIONAL | Individual coaching to develop personal skills.


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