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St.Gallen's Multi-Module Program​​​​​​​s

Replace trial and error with knowledge and skills. St Gallen’s qualifications comprise training programs which are both compact and practical and cover the key topics of management, leadership, personal excellence and change management, with customized programs for every level of experience and career stage. The variety of program content is matched by the consistency of its success rate, because it is scientifically embedded in St Gallen’s management and leadership theory. Effective teaching, thanks to our lecturers’ sound professional and didactic skills. And a course structure which is precision-customized to suit your practical requirements.

We offer the following St.Gallen's multi-module program​​​​​​​s.

Folgende Open-Programms konnten wir für Sie finden:

Let your story begin

St. Gallen's Multi-module Programs

Take the next big step on your path to success. While the acquisition of specific, topic-based competence lends itself to seminars and conferences, medium- and longterm careers and personality development require a different format, namely integrated programs. In this case, studying for a diploma with Management School St.Gallen is the right choice.

Programs, certificate, diploma?

One training partner, many qualification options

Did you know that your St.Gallen qualification is the first step towards a second and third qualification? Because our academic structure is modular all the way through, it is possible to supplement each St.Gallen program with a St.Gallen certificate on completion of a test. Most of our programs also offer the option to study for a St.Gallen diploma.

St. Gallen's Multi-module Programs

Which skill do you wish to train systematically? St.Gallen’s courses link a number of seminars to practice-oriented programs, including the individually tailored selection course.

St. Gallen's Certificates

Every course offers you the option of taking a final test, allowing you to enrich your profile with a St.Gallen certificate.

St. Gallen's Diplomas

In addition to the course and final test, you also have the option of writing a topic-specific dissertation, thereby rounding off your training with a St.Gallen diploma.



«St.Gallen’s qualifications are adapted to your goals - not the other way round.”»


Which qualification is going to herald your future? In other words: are you planning to develop your knowledge and skills (and thereby also your career) in a systematic way? St Gallen’s qualifications provide you with countless ways in which to put your plans into effect. Based on over twenty years of success in transferring St Gallen’s management theory into practice, our training courses enable you to acquire essential knowledge and skills, module by module, in order to put your career on a sustainable and viable footing.

Programmdirektor Prof. Karl Schaufelbühl

Course structure

Integrated, flexible, individual

With St Gallen you have the choice. Our St Gallen's programs deliver up-to-date and practice-oriented expertise, tailored to your experience, role and development. Our St Gallen's certificates are a respected and well-established proof of quality across all sectors, and enhance any manager’s CV  with their positive influence on personal and professional development. And our St Gallen's diplomas offer the sound alternative to the MBA and other university programs that are difficult to combine with everyday management, because our courses provide the right ratio of learning to doing. 

Reaching the next level

St. Gallen's Diploma Certificate


Choosing the right programs for your continuing development is even harder than for your initial training. The Management School St.Gallen understands this complexity and its qualifications offer you a wide variety of options, that allow you to invest in your future career and also equip you to meet all of today’s challenges. 

Good qualifications start at St.Gallen
The Management School St.Gallen team look forward to getting to know you and your learning objectives.

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